In His Own Words

A handful of interviews recorded for radio and other purposes

Paul Desmond – Charlie Parker Interview 1954. The 3rd voice is disc jockey John McLellan. Transcription here.

John McLellan – Charlie Parker Interview 1953 The track seems to be running slow, below pitch. This link takes you to a speed-corrected version of the recording. Transcription here.

Leonard Feather Blindfold Test interview with Bird 1948. Evidently this is a recording of the 2nd half of the interview, including the tracks played and the incidental conversation. Nice to hear the enthusiasm in Bird’s voice saying “John ‘Lili Pons’ Hodges” and “the other half of my heartbeat” for Diz. The published Blindfold Test is below.

Marshall Stearns – Charlie Parker Interview 1950. Transcription here