Bird Online

The Charlie Parker Wikipedia page is a good place to start if you’re just getting to know his music.

Peter Losin maintains a website called Miles Ahead with a titanic amount of well-organized information about Bird, and also Miles Davis. Invaluable.

Here’s an up-to-date discography of all of Bird’s formal and informal recording sessions, thanks to Peter Losin.

Here’s a detailed chronology of Bird’s life by Leif Bo Petersen based on documents and recordings, hosted by Peter Losin.

Don’t miss Remi Bolduc’s ongoing series of Bird solo transcriptions on YouTube. The Toronto-based saxophonist has posted over 180 transcriptions during the past 5 months

The Bird Lives website is an excellent repository of information, photographs and more. Last updated in 2017(?)

French saxophone mouthpiece technician Nicholas Trefeil maintains a website that includes an attempt to catalog Bird’s horns and mouthpieces, and even ligatures.

A Pinterest Gallery of Bird photos, album covers, etc