Websites and posts worth a look

Bird and Max Roach perusing a jukebox

Check out Kevin Sun’s website for a recent post about Bird’s performances of “This Time the Dream’s On Me”. Excellent transcriptions and informed commentary.

Here’s a day-by-day reconstruction of Bird’s trip to Sweden in November 1950. Hat tip to Kevin Sun for the link.

Back in May 2020, Oxford University Press published “Charlie Parker, Composer” by Henry Martin. The publisher’s teaser comes on pretty strong, saying it’s the “first book to examine the totality of a major jazz composer’s works.” Get a preview by reading Mr. Martin’s article for MTO, a journal of the Society of Music Theory. In the article there’s an amusing explanation of how Bird adapted two french pop-folk songs to create his hit, “My Little Suede Shoes.”

A Poem by Geoffrey Polk, “Bird Lives!

If you want to take a peak at how corporate America is plundering celebrating Bird’s centennial, check out Sigh.

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